The Sanibel Lighthouse Beach is located on the eastern end of Periwinkle Way, on the eastern tip of Sanibel Island. If you follow the Periwinkle Way to the end, you will automatically come to the parking lot at the Lighthouse.


The lighthouse, built in 1884, is not open to the public and is 120 meters above sea level, from the outside it is to photograph a beautiful object. From lighthouse there is also access to the beach, where swimming is not recommended, as there are currents of which can be dragged into the sea.
A great advantage of this beach is clean nature and the variety of birds and fish that will find their habitat and an experience for nature lovers. On the beach you can also starfish, snails, dolphins and manatees in their natural habitat – the crystal clear sea water – experience. Many pelicans frolicking on the beach and also try to capture fish. But nests with birds of prey, which can be observed at certain seasons feed their young with fish.